Add, remove or change VM hardware

You can change the hardware settings of any VM, such as CPU, Memory, Hard Disk and NICs. Most of these changes can be done while the VM is powered on.

Add move change vm

1) Right-click on the VM you want to change and select Properties from the context menu.

Add move change vm 2

2) Switch to the Hardware tab to display all available hardware modifications.

3) Choose the number of vCPUs for the VM. If you want to change the number of Cores per socket, the VM must be powered off *.

4) Increase or decrease the amount of Memory.

5) Enter a value for the new size of the disk (decreasing a disk is not supported).

6) By clicking the "Add or Delete button you can hot-add or remove a disk to/from your VM *.

7) Check the how network adapter type checkbox to show the network adapter type of the installed NICs.

8) Connect or disconnect the NIC to/from a network, or change the connected network by changing the value from the dropdown menu.

9) By clicking on the Add or Delete button you can add/delete an additional NIC to/from your VM. The primary NIC can only be removed if the VM is powered off.

10) If you add a new NIC to your VM make sure that VMXNET3 is chosen from the dropdown menu, except vendor requirements call for using another type of adapter.

To save the configuration click on the OK button.

*) Changing CPU and Memory of running VMs requires enabling the settings Virtual CPU hot add and Memory hot add in the General tab.

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